Where is Nepal?

Nepal officially the Federal Democratic Republic, landlocked country, lies in between two big nation India in the east, west and south and China in the north. Nepal shares an open border with india. The geography of Nepal is interesting flat land in the tarai from 70 m from sea level to 2000 m, hilly area from 2000 m to 3500 m and from 3500 m to higest peak of the world  Mt. Everest 8848 m. Geographica co-ordinate of Nepal is 27.700769, and the longitude is 85.300140. 

How to enter Nepal?

By Land

Nepal has open border with india in the East, West and South and China in the north. You have to enter nepal either India or Tibet (China). The entry point to Nepal from lndia are Kakarbhitta, Birjung, Belhiya, Bhairawa, Nepalgung, Dhangadi and Mahendra Nagar. The entry point to Nepal from Tibet (China) is Kodari pass.

By Air

Can I get visa on arrival?

Yes visa available on arrival at TIA Kathmandu and at all border crossings which are opened for foreigners. You should have original passport which must be vaild for at least six month, photos and pay visa fee.

Do you have airport pickup facility?

Yes we have airport Pickup facility, our company representative will be stand by there on the airport with play card if you needed. 

Do I need any permit for trekking?

Yes you need trekking permit, we manage TIMS permit and National park permit for your trekking.

Who will be our guide? What is his quality and qualification?

We have experienced and certified guides. They have good experience and knoledge of the trekking routes. They can speak good english very well and have good sense of humour and can describe about the culture, biodiversity, flora, funa and the topography of the trekking region.

What kind of weather is in Nepal?

Nepal has different altitude and topography and has diversity in climate. There are four seasons: spring (March - May), summer (June - August), autumn (September- November), winter (December - February). The climate variation depends upon geographical location and the altitude.

Terai region has warm and humid climate and it is the hottest part of Nepal, in summer temperature rises up to 40oC and more. In the middle mountain region, climate  is mild and pleasant, temperature in this region is around 25 to 27oC. and subzero to 12oC in the mountain and valley, and north Himalayan region has an alpine climate. 

In the monsoon period (June - August)  rainy season and has rainfall during this. Eastern parts of the country receive maximum rainfall in this season. The winter  dry and cold in most parts of the country. The annual rainfall varies around 300mm in the northern and the western areas to over 2500 mm in the eastern region.

Where to buy gears and equipments?

You can frind branded Shops here in kathmandu they are authorised dealer outlets in Nepal. You can also buy in local market.

What about the quality of food and hygiene in Nepal?

Yes food quality is hygine, we can recommend you good restaurant and hotels or you can search via internet and see the review. In country side you should check good hotel ,guest house or you have to take the guide so he can help you in the best way.  In trekking route you should take water purification tablet and first aid kit.

Do your company assists to book domestic, international flights, hotel booking and vehicle?

Yes our company assist to book domestic, international flights, hotel booking and vechile rental.

What kind of insurance should I have before coming Nepal?

Insurance is not available here in Nepal for tourist. It is very important to have insurance before you come to trek / tour / expedition or any holiday package in nepal. To make your travel holiday safe and cost efective and minimize your risk like emergency evacuation, air ambulance, helicopter rescue and treatment. We strungly recomment you to have your insurance. 

Are there ATM facilities in Nepal?

Of course. There are many ATM machines in Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara Valley and is being slowly introduced in other places too. All types of cards are accepted. Visa , MasterCard, American Express and Credit cards.

I am doing teahouse trekking in Nepal. What can I expect?

What kind of equipments and gear you provide?

Is your company responsible tourism?

What is the best season for trek/tour and expedition?

Electricity in Nepal

What kind of clothes I have to wear in Nepal?

Can I use ATM in Nepal what is the charge for visa, MasterCard?

Is there tourist police in Nepal?

Yes there is tourist police in Nepal. 

Does the company provide first aid kit?  




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