Anil Bhattarai - (M.D)

Trekking Guide (Gov. license holder), Climbing Guide, Canyoning Guide,
Expedition Cook. Summit Mt. Everest 4th June, 2005
History: He has led several trekking and climbing trips in the mountains in his fifteen years of involvement in this field. Recently climbing Mt. Everest, this has made him the first Brahman summiteer of the Hindu community. Also, he has led record-holder Jack’s team, who has become the youngest British climber of Everest. "Be controlled, think and do." - Anil
On June 4, 2005, Anil Bhattarai became the first Brahmin to reach the top of Mount Everest with janai (sacred thread), Geeta (a pious book of Hindus) and betel.  Bhattarai, 34, summited Everest from the North Cole (Tibetan side) with Adventure Peaks expedition after staying 70 days in base camp.
Bhattarai’s involvement in trekking dates back almost 15 years and he gives credit to his five brothers who are all involved in climbing for inspiring him to pursue the sport. In 2003, Bhattarai climbed Everest up to 8,500 metres.  He attempted to summit again in 2004, but retreated at 7,900 metres.  After Bhattarai’s successful summit this year, his interest in climbing continues and he said that he would like to climb Everest from the south side if he is able to obtain a sponsor.
Bhattrai was born in Hangdeva VDC of Taplejung district in eastern Nepal.  There has been international interest shown to Nepal following Bhattarai’s Everest summit.  Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Buddhiraj Bajracharya presented a letter of appreciation and a purse of Rs to Bhattarai and spoke about the positive impact that Bhattarai’s accomplishment had on tourism in the country.
Adventure Peaks confirms the following summits at around 0050hrs on 4th June:  Jake Meyer, Di Gilbert (Diahanne Gilbert) Leader, Mingma Nuru Sherpa, and Anil Bhattarai.



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