Endra Bahadur Rai - climbing & Rafting Guide

River Guide (Raft Guide/ Safety Kayaker/ Kayak Instructor) Gov. license
holder, Canyoning/ Rock Climbing & Mountaineering Guide
Training & Experience: "SRT/ WRT" Training: Rescue3 International, First Aid &AR/CPR Training: RED CROSS, Expedition Cook (Dal Bhat Expert)
History: Eight years of guiding experience in Nepal, India, Tibet and abroad has given him a wide range of experience on rivers and in the mountains leading clients. He has the advantage of having a true spirit of adventure, multi-skills and experience, not losing clients along the way. Appreciation of the flora/fauna/culture/customs make him an interesting guide too, who can never fails to keep you cheerful and lighten your mood, however tough the going gets. Interesting and fun too, very charming, with his typical Nepalese sense of humour………
"Life is like Liquid Logic." -Endra



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